The Candlefy App makes selling candles easy, fun and highly profitable.
Here is how it works
1. Install the Candlefy App

2. Create Your Candle

3. Make the sale 

Candlefy simplifies and automates the process of making, offering and selling premium natural wax candles. Design and sell your own candle line in minutes, without the difficulty of:
    1. Sourcing materials
    2. Strenuous manufacturing
    3. Keeping inventory
    4. Dealing with packaging or shipping
We do the hard labor for you, so you can focus on what matters most: Selling and kicking back.
It's easy and free!
Start offering hand-made candles in minutes! Using the Candlefy service is a completely painless process and completely free!
Simply connect our Shopify App to your Shopify store and you are ready to create your first candle.